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The Studio Kitchen

People love learning about food, yet rarely are provided with the opportunity to witness a true chef craft an entire meal before their eyes, ask any question along the way, and then sit down and dine with their culinary host. Since 2006, the Cafarelli family have made food & wine more accessible and approachable for everyone through chef-hosted shows and classes at The Studio Kitchen.


The little idea that began with a simple chef's table and salad making presentation over a decade ago has now grown to become an entire venue and critically acclaimed television show recognized with three Emmy® Awards. 


As the culinary entertainment & education destination,

The Studio Kitchen is a truly unique concept. The venue celebrates food, wine and the culinary greats through several distinct dining experiences. The signature feature is a state-of-the-art television broadcast studio which is home to live dinner shows, Chef's Hall wine classes, cooking classes and of course, the television show. 


The host, celebrity chef Liz Bramwell, is a Culinary Institute of America alumna who is a full cup of sugar with spice on top! The Studio Kitchen is a world-class immersive live entertainment and dining experience. 

With over 3,000 live shows produced, we welcome you to join us and  "Be a part of the Show"

The Studio Kitchen
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