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Under the Bridge is a uniquely stylish west London music venue, purpose-built with the highest attention to detail, and featuring stunning, state-of-the-art sound, video and lighting.

It was designed in homage to the legendary venues in London’s rock history and in tribute to the greats of British Isles music - from The Beatles & The Sex Pistols to Adele & The Libertines - it's a new club that feels like it’s been around forever.

This inspiring venue, holding up to 550 people, is perfect for intimate gigs, press calls, showcases, fashion shoots, live broadcasts, warm-ups, after-parties, comedy nights, corporate events and much more.

Jim Cafarelli developed the concept and designed the venue after Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich visited House of Blues in the United States and was inspired to bring an iconic music hall back home to London.


Since its inception in 2011, Under the Bridge has racked up several prestigious industry and design awards including being named "Best Venue" for under 800 people in the entire United Kingdom in 2013.


Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge
Jim at CFC.jpeg


       One of the signature elements of the design at Under the Bridge is the unique photographs on display. I worked with famed rock historian Rick Glanvill along with world renowned photographer Jill Furmonovsky, who's Rock Archive studio acted as a clearing house for many  legendary photographers. Together they researched over 60,000 photographs from fellow photographers around the UK and I then oversaw the choices from the final 10,000 photos. Ultimately we chose 156 images, many of which had never been published and some rarely ever seen in public before. This collection is proudly displayed throughout the venue and has been recognized as one of the finest collection of Rock & Roll photography ever assembled.

"These Images have become more important than the music itself"

                   Paul Morley

                                                                                                                        Legendary Rock Critic & Author of Music & Words


Jim at RA Chelsea project P9088412.jpeg
Jim at RA Chelsea project P9088459 (1).jpeg
Jim at RA Chelsea project P9088439.jpeg
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